The colorful history of the Drijfpaleis!

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The story

Construction of the houseboat designed by Gert Coldewijn began on Otober 22 in 2001 at Helldorfer shipyard in Arnhem. After weeks of welding it went outside on a lorry and then was baptized Quo Vadis II, with a bottle beer (we forgot to bring the champagne) this was on november 19, 2001. The crane lifted the boat into its current place. A historical moment, she stayed afloat! It was now laying in its current place, let the work begin! I felt not restricted by not having any kwowledge about how to built a houseboat, and there wasn`t a clear idee how it should look, but we just started working. Under inspiring supervision of Norbert Valk, who does know what he is doing, he is an inventive constructor. He helped me with the wooden skeleton construction, and during the work I learned a lot from him. Then there where relation troubles, the breakup and dealing with the bank delaying the work for a good one and a half years.

The dream to start my own b&b came to me in 1984 after having seen the film Local Hero. This cool and relaxed owner that was what i wanted for me. The great spot on the river, the passing water made me decide to build a fantasy Tuscany styl houseboat. Giving a scence of iternal sunshine and holiday feeling by building each room different with lots of colour and decoration. The building still continues. Making it more pretty and better (or worse some will think) Lots of friends and volanteers have helped me over these years. Without their help and input it would not have been possible.